2012 Annual Campaign Kickoff: Please Join Us!

By February 1, 2012798 Comments

Greetings! We are pleased to announce that our second Annual Campaign is now underway!

Between February 1st and March 14th we reach out to the community we serve to ask for your support. We ask you to help us keep the wildlife of Napa County and surrounding areas healthy and flourishing.

Our mission is “to support the presence of wildlife through rehabilitation and to promote public awareness and appreciation through community outreach.”

We put in the hours and the elbow grease: with more than 100 volunteers and 8 volunteer Home Rehabilitators, we released 453 animals back to their native habitats: 197 mammals and 256 birds. (And that’s not counting the 143 animals – 41 mammals, 102 birds – who were transferred to different facilities for more specialized treatment). We are asking our friends and neighbors to join us in a commitment to maintaining the natural beauty of our amazing little corner of the world.

The presence of healthy wildlife is a barometer of healthy ecosystems and habitats. Birds of prey such as hawks, falcons, eagles and owls are a key factor to the continued health of the viticulture activities of our valley. Raptors are a natural deterrent to the over-population of rodents that can cause untold damage to crops, root stock, and vines.

This year, we have set the goal of raising $40,000 to be used for a new raptor enclosure; a release cage for jack rabbits; volunteer training; food, medication, housing; and a part time Volunteer Manager.

Please consider making a donation or a pledge to help us enhance the quality of life and natural beauty for which the Napa Valley is so famous.
Go to our website http://www.napawildliferescue.org/ and click on the Donate tab, where you can make a donation electronically through PayPal. Or mail a check to us at P.O.Box 2571, Napa, CA. 94558.

On behalf of the animals, and the people who serve them, Many Thanks!! ♥