2013 Annual Campaign Kickoff: Please Join Us!

Hello again, Supporters of Wildlife Rescue of Napa County!
We are pleased to announce that our second Annual Campaign will be launching on February 1st, lasting until
March 16th!

Yes, it will be 6 weeks of hard work to raise awareness, educate, motivate and raise funds all in the name of wildlife, here in Napa County! We are reaching out to the community we serve, to ask for your support once again. We ask you to help us keep the wildlife of Napa County and surrounding areas healthy and flourishing.

Our mission is “to support the presence of wildlife through rehabilitation and to promote public awareness and appreciation through community outreach.”

We request that you to take urgent action to pledge as new supporters or renew your annual support for wildlife and for the devoted volunteers that sustain the Wildlife Rescue Center of Napa County.

Why would you want to save an injured or orphaned owl, for example? Raptors such as owls, hawks, falcons and eagles are a key factor to the continued health of the viticulture activities of our county.  Raptors are a natural deterrent to the over-population of rodents that can cause untold damage to crops, rootstock and vines.

In 2012 the volunteers of the Wildlife Rescue continued their efforts to upgrade our semi-permanent facility in Napa County where they now rehabilitate a variety of wild birds. Without a dedicated facility, wild mammals receive care in the homes of our dear volunteers.

Beginning in 2013 WRCNC hired our first two part-time administrators for wildlife and song birds.  With their heart felt work and leadership, we look forward to increasing the intake, rescue, rehabilitation and release of our county’s wild animals and supporting the priceless work of our volunteer caregivers. The Center’s strategic plan for 2013 is to plan a permanent, centralized facility that will provide for the needs of all wildlife and offer educational opportunities for Napa County school children, residents and visitors. Because the Wildlife Rescue Center services are free to all, an important rehabilitation and educational facility can only be built with the support of a generous community.

Please remember: the presence of abundant wildlife is a barometer of healthy ecosystems and agriculture.

Please make a gift today in support of the Wildlife Rescue Center of Napa County and the wildlife that live with us. We promise to put your hard-earned money to good use. Every penny (100%) of your gift will benefit wildlife in our Napa Valley. Thank you in advance for your thoughtful gift.

Go to our website and click on the Donate tab, where you can make a donation electronically through PayPal. Or mail a check to us at P.O.Box 2571, Napa, CA. 94558.

On behalf of the animals, and the people who serve them, Many Thanks!! ♥