This is photo contest has been profoundly important to us, as are all the images and stories that we get to share with you everyday about wildlife in Napa County. Every photograph is a story made up of at least two components: one part animal, one part observer. In each of these images there is an animal doing something normal and yet remarkable; burrowing owls in golden light, pigeons feeding, a bobcat mid-hunt. There is also a human who knew how to be with these animals, quiet, respectful, engaged. And now, you, our reader, are being looped into the story. You too get to stare into the eyes of the owls. Through storytelling we build connection and the passion to protect our wild places.

And so, with out further ado, the winners are:


This photo contest was truly thrilling! Thank you to everyone who entered, you certainly did not make it easy to pick the top three. We saw birds of prey, lizard eggs, native song birds, ungulates, all sorts of adorable baby wildlife and large predators. Drama galore! In the end, our panel picked three images that balanced the art of photography, storytelling,  and the drama of the animal featured.

We’ll be featuring the winners on Facebook and Instagram, so if you have a chance please congratulate the winners and share with your community!

Once again, we are so proud to be in community with you and all the wildlife of Napa County.



Honorable Mentions

Noteworthy Submissions