Fox Force Five

fox3So much can happen in a short amount of time! First picture is of the fox at intake. I was sure it was going to die. It had a seizure in my arms, and his lungs sounded like they had pudding in them. He was weak and emaciated. I paced for hours with him in my arms. A good, sturdy dose of fluids, antibiotics and a healthy diet brought this guy back, and ready for release.wilderness1

The next picture is of the release site. Beautiful area. He was quite eager to take off, his little nose was quivering as he recognized where he was. And dangit, we were going to take pictures, but the little fella was so excited, he sprang out of the box and had vanished into the brush!

fox4This last picture taken is him, just before his release.

Many thanks to Debbie for being our chauffeur! (and, yes, I cried a little..)

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