Tying the family together

Tying the family together

Here is one of those observations of coincidence that sometimes cause you to pause and wonder. Are there unseen connections vibrating around us, outside the range of our senses? Connections, which are undetectable but really affect how things go?

Here’s a case in point. We have had gotten in coyote pups twice in the last few years. It is pretty rare for us. Both times it started with a single pup, which is hard, because coyotes are a species that rely heavily on companionship of their own kind. So it is interesting to note that in both cases additional pups emerged within days, to close the “alone gap,” filling in the missing bonding element in the rearing process.

So now we have two boys, of different ages (but close enough), from different litters. The first, older pup, was found by a fieldworker. It followed her around all day and she brought it home that evening to try and figure out what to do. What to do turned out to be to find us and patient #1 came into care. Then, a second, younger coyote was found at Hwy 29 in Yountville shortly after. This one had not been weaned and was seriously dehydrated. He would not have lasted much longer.

The picture here is of the first and older pup, but together they will be raised as a family, or small pack, until they are juveniles. They’ll each have someone to cover their backs, transfer learning and in general improve their odds of survival. They’ll both have someone to talk to. The way it is supposed to be for their species.

Probably just random chance. Right?