Wild Night

Article by John Comisky. Pictures by lowelldowney@art&clarity

Ever had a wild night? Bet almost everyone reading this is nodding their head right now, and maybe viewing vivid snippets of memory. How many of those nights made the world a better place the next day? A fair guess would be not many, but a Wild Night at the Castle III did.

On April 28th Napa Wildlife Rescue held their third annual Gala, a Wild Night at the Castel III at the Castello di Amorosa. Take a beautiful spring night at 13th century Tuscan-inspired castle, add a parade of majestic Wildlife Ambassador Animals, stir in fine wine and the creation of one of a kind performance art, top it with savory food (and of course more wine) and you have an experience that not only stands out on its own, but becomes exceptional as the keystone of support for work that some “literally” can’t live without! A Wild Night at the Castle III was that and more. And the next day the world was a better place, as the proceeds go directly towards giving second chances to the over 1200 orphaned, sick or injured wildlife that NRW helps each year as the only organization in Napa County permitted to do so. It is not often that wild nights save wild lives. This was one!

Missed it? Look for next year’s, and take a minute to help in the meantime, by donating at