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Songbird clinic work parties

By February 16, 2011740 Comments

We have planned our first work party for the new Songbird Clinic on Saturday 2/12/11 and have all the help we need for it. We will be installing countertops (prefab)/shelving/etc. in the new clinic building. If you would like to help in any future work parties (Which will be posted here) please contact Jan at 707-252-7523

We have wonderful news regarding the Songbird clinic of Wildlife Rescue center of Napa County. We now have a home!

It has been a long two years without a
center-but that is soon to change. Thanks
to Jan Gates’ hard work, we will be able to
use a piece of county property 9 miles
north of Silverado Veterinary Hospital for
our songbird clinic. WE ARE SO EXCITED!

We will need to make the property bird-ready. Flight cages (from kits) and an Annex will need to be built. The medical clinic buildings and storage shed also must be moved from the Ashlar property soon.

At this point we are putting out a call for help, we need;

1. People who are willing to work on work-party teams to get the site up and ready (probably starting in early January)

2. Volunteers for shifts at the clinic when we open

3. Volunteers to participate as a Team member in the fund Raiser campaign.

If you can help with any of the above, please contact Vickie Allen. I will then be able to get more details out to you.

To get you up to speed on the organization: We now have a new vibrant Board of Directors. Phyllis Hunt has stepped up as acting President. Other board members include Angela Cistone Zierenberg (who so graciously allowed us to have our clinic on her property in the past). She is also now fielding the “HAWK” line calls in addition to rehabilitating the mammals in our area. Linda Howard has joined the board as Secretary after several years at our baby bird clinic. Chad Zierenberg, our newest member, flew on board after taking on the rehabilitation of our county’s raptors for the past year.

A critical piece of opening up our song bird clinic and keeping the organization afloat, is fund raising. We need funds to obtain, erect and provide power to our site and pay for food and medical supplies for our patients. We also need funds to operate the organization and move forward on our strategic plan to build a full working facility. To this end, we have embarked upon our first annual fund raising campaign that will kick off at the end of January and end at the end of February 2011. We will have special training to help us succeed, and an end-of-the-campaign celebration. So please consider helping out in this vital time of transition and need. For more information, contact:

The HAWK line:
707-224-4295 (HAWK).

Vickie Allen:
Volunteer Coordinator
707-224-4560 or cell: 707-483-3036

Jan Gates:
New Site Coordinator

Phyllis Hunt:
President Wildlife Rescue of Napa County
Cell: 707-363-1350 home: 707-254-9448

What a wonderful ‘Holiday Present’ for the wildlife of our area. I sincerely hope you will be part of our new team, all with a focus on wildlife care. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Wildlife Rescue Center of Napa County