An Arc To The East

An Arc To The East

There are only a few things you can say for sure about releases – that there is “nothing” you can say for sure about releases, except that ultimately they will conclude, and always you’ll feel good about it, and somehow a feeding of wholeness will settle in after the finish.

What often happens after the door swings, or the box starts to open, is either a rocket with after burners blazing OR a moment of surprise/consideration/what the heck is happening – followed by a clear ignition and then emergence of the rocket. Sometimes, though, what happens is…nothing. Sometimes, an extended period of nothing.

It was time for our long-term patients; the two coyotes almost mystically matched as pups, to move to the next stage, the big one, the wild. So as always we filled their bellies, found a good spot, readied ourselves for the rush, opened the door, and rang the figurative bell, ready for anything. And then we waited. And then we waited. And then we waited. So Kent raised the backs of the carriers a little. You know, just a suggestion. The answer seemed to be “Thanks, but I’m good” coming from both carriers. So there were a couple of more suggestions. They eventually sunk in.

First there was a nose, just visible. Then a head, you know, just to check it out. Then a paw followed by another, followed by a prance, followed by a dash, followed by pedals to the metal. Clearly, there was no plan, as one headed North and the other South. But each had an arc. We guessed the rendezvous would probably be in the East.