Napa Wildlife Rescue relies on a group of dedicated volunteers that help to care for over 1100 mammals and birds each year through our wildlife clinic and home rehabilitation care

We need your help and support!

Please join us at one of our upcoming orientations to find out more about ways to volunteer at Napa Wildlife Rescue

DUE TO COVID-19, we are currently offering virtual orientations. We do a monthly Zoom orientation, or log on to our Google Classroom to do the orientation at your own pace. Email the manager at for the next upcoming orientation or the classroom access link. Stay safe!

How can I volunteer?

There are different opportunities for volunteering. Some involve direct contact with animals, and other opportunities support the work we do.

If you are interested in volunteering with the animals at the clinic you must be:
• Interested in helping protect and preserve wildlife
• Able to make a commitment of 4 hours per week.  We divide the year into Summer Songbird season (April- September) and Winter Season. We need significantly more volunteers in summer, so some volunteers take the winter off.

• Age Requirements: You can volunteer at 12 years old with a continuously supervising adult. Both the adult and the child need to take orientation classes and volunteer together. You cannot handle any native birds until you are 18 years old, but you can support wildlife in many other ways here. Once you are 16, you can volunteer unaccompanied.

For more information, please email

Volunteers also:

  • Rescue and Transport  patients
  • Release healed wildlife
  • Represent NWR at the Napa Farmer’s Market and events
  • Garden for our wildlife
  • Provide Facility Maintenance
  • Build Enclosures
  • Foster Mammal Babies
  • Create enrichment items for animals
  • And more!