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Include the Napa Wildlife Rescue  in Your Will

If you are thinking about the future, you can make sure that the Napa Wildlife Rescue (NWR) will be there to provide the sensitive treatment of wild animals and unique understanding of nature education for which it is known.

You can be one of the forward-thinking members and friends who include the NWR in their wills or estate plans.

The Shirley Harmon Circle, named for the local veterinarian and founder of theNapa Wildlife Rescue, was created to recognize and honor those who include NWR in their wills or estate plans.

If you have already done so, and would like to join the Circle, please let us know so we can thank you and include you in this special group.

Members of the Shirley Harmon Circle will be listed at this website. Other benefits of membership include special invitations to NWR sponsored events.

Gifts of Stocks, Bonds or Mutual Funds

When you make a gift to Wildlife Rescue Center Napa County (WRCNC), consider donating stocks, bonds or mutual funds, a tax-wise alternative.  WRCNC accepts gifts of publicly traded stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

If you would like to make such a gift, please inform your banker or broker of your wishes.  She/he can advise you regarding the specific procedures at your bank or brokerage firm.

You may make a gift or Stocks or bonds to WRCNC by the following methods:

Stock or Bond Certificates in Your Possession

If you do not have a banker or broker for the purposes of this gift, you may mail the stock or bond certificates(s) registered in your name to WRCNC.  The certificates(s) must be accompanied by a stock power that you have  signed in the presence of a notary.  The stock power must be signed exactly as your name is listed on the face of the certificate(s).

Send the certificate(s) by registered mail and return receipt requested if you would like to receive proof of delivery) and the stock power, under separate cover by first class mail to:

Wildlife Rescue Center Napa County
Development Department
P.O. Box 2571
Napa, CA  94558

Upon receipt, your gift will be recorded and the certificate(s) sent to WRCNC’s broker for immediate disposition.

Please call the Hawk Line at 707-224-4295 (HAWK) with questions or facilitate your gift.

As with any gift to WRCNC, please consult your tax advisor for the exact tax benefits of your charitable contribution.

Mutual Funds

To give a gift of mutual funds that are held by your banker or broker, or that are in certificate form, please use the sample procedure outlined in detail in the Gifts of Stocks or Bonds section of this website.

To give a gift or mutual funds held by the fund, the usual procedure is to send a letter (click for Sample Letter of Mutual Fund) to the mutual fund indicating your account number and instructing them to transfer the number of shares to:

Wildlife Rescue Center Napa County
Federal I.D. #: 68 0271705
Development Department
P.O. Box 2571
Napa, CA  94558

Most mutual funds have an 800# for shareholder questions. You should contact the company for their specific procedures before writing your letter of instruction.  Your fund may require a signature guarantee on your letter.  Please see Sample Letter for Mutual Funds.

This material should be sent certified mail; ask for return receipt requested if you wish to receive proof of delivery.  Please keep copies of all correspondence for your records.  You can send a copy of your gift letter to WRCNC as notification of your gift.

Stocks or Bonds Held by Your Banker or Broker

Please have your banker or broker transmit the details of your gift to the Hawk Line at 707-224-4295 (HAWK) or by writing to:

Wildlife Rescue Center Napa County
Development Department
P.O. Box 2571
Napa, CA  94558

You may deliver the stock or bond certificate to your banker or broker with a letter of instruction to transfer the certificate(s) to WRCNC.  Please see Sample Letter for Stocks or Bonds (will open as a PDF File) for an example of a letter requests such a transfer.

Napa Wildlife Rescue Annual Campaign


The Napa Wildlife Rescue (NWR) is a nonprofit organization of volunteers licensed through the California Department of Fish and Game.
Please help save and protect our precious wildlife by supporting our efforts and becoming a fellow “All My Friends are Wild”. Your donation is tax deductible as we are a 501 C3 organization.


Dedicated volunteers of NWR rehabilitate a variety of birds and mammals that bless our Valley. Some of the most frequent rescues include hawks, songbirds, owls, woodpeckers, quail, crows, falcons, water fowl, bats, squirrels, jackrabbits, deer, fox, raccoons, and opossums. We have also rescued and treated coyote, pheasant and turkey vultures.

The rehabilitation process starts when an ill, orphaned, injured or distressed wild bird or mammal is brought to our intake center at the Silverado Veterinary Hospital or a call comes into our dispatcher on the “224-HAWK” line. Trained volunteers pick up the animal, assess the animal’s condition and transport to the appropriate rehabilitator.


To save and protect the beautiful Napa Valley wildlife that add so much to our quality of life. We work to restore wildlife to health so we can release them back into their native habitats in accordance with species-specific release criteria. We also work closely with other animal agencies, the county and state park system, and law enforcement agencies throughout the Bay Area.


There has been a disruption of nesting, breeding and feeding territories in Napa County that has led to an increase in the number and variety of species that NWR rehabilitates annually.

We are constantly looking for people interested in volunteering with Wildlife Rescue Center of Napa County to help with rehabilitation, transport, fund raising, grant writing and labor to build our facility.


  • Costs of medications used in rehabilitation
  • Helping to promote public awareness and appreciation through media and community outreach
  • Costs of equipment such as aviary cages, incubators
  • Costs for setting up a new songbird clinic
  • Costs for establishing our own Napa County facility
  • Recruiting and training new rehabbers

How to Donate:

Your donation is tax deductible and can be made online! Please complete the attached donor information profile and your donation will be accepted through PAY PAL and processed via their secure donation payment system. NWR will acknowledge your donation and provide a thank you letter and tax id # for your tax records! Your donation will also be acknowledged in our year end annual report and you will be invited to our annual campaign Victory Celebration held every Spring.


$100 Donation
Gray Squirrel
$101 to $249 Donation
California Quail
$250 to $499 Donation
$500 to $749 Donation
Grey Fox
$750 to $999 Donation
Red Tail Hawk
$1,000 to $2,499 Donation
California Black Bear
$2,500 to $4,999 Donation
Golden Eagle
$5,000 and Up

Donations are always appreciated.

Below are some items we can always use. We appreciate their being in good condition. Thank you.

  • Click here to visit and search Wildlife Rescue Napa County’s wish list for donation ideas!
  • walnuts or other nuts, preferably raw in the shell
  • heating pads without auto turnoff
  • lightweight fleece throws or fleece material
  • new or gently used  baby blankets
  • water bottles
  • plywood for nest boxes and outdoor enclosures
  • deer or elk antlers
  • garden shed
  • little red wagon
  • hot water kettles

Please contact the  Wildlife Administrator at to arrange your donation. Thank you!

Complimentary Blue Bird Box for donations of $250 and up

New research by UC Berkeley postdoctoral scholar Julie Jedlicka suggests thatIMG_0550 setting up bluebird nest boxes – surrogate cavities – in vineyards can help control insect pests. And it is believed they may be a benefit to home gardeners as well.

Our blue bird boxes are constructed of quality materials, and made to exacting specifications, that provide shelter for the nesting birds and protection from predators. Receive a ready to mount box (a $25 value), as a thank you for each donation of $250 or more to our annual campaign, which is currently underway.

Each qualifying donor will be contacted to opt in to receive their Blue Bird Box Thank You Gift!



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Dine & Donate

Every Monday, Il Posto Trattoria hosts a dine & donate event for a local nonprofit. 20% of the bill for each guest that brings in a flyer goes to their choice of non profit.  It’s a great way to enjoy good food and good company while helping out great causes!!